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February 23–25, 2012
@ 8 p.m.
February 26, 2012
@ 2 p.m.
Kate Collins Auditorium at
Kate Collins Middle School

Directed by
Caleb Towns

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Pirate Appreciation Day

Pirate Appreciation Day
by Matthew Warner


Harken, mateys! In this premiere production, written by local author Matthew Warner, modern piracy no longer has its “good” name — or so claims the Pirate Appreciation Movement. This group of buccaneers believes hijacking a cruise ship on the Talk Like a Pirate Day holiday is the proper route to infamy. Its saltiest members, Walker D. Plank and sidekick Halitosis Halvard, sneak aboard the M.S. Stillwater as it departs for a Caribbean cruise.

They discover more than they bargained for in a colorful ensemble of fellow passengers. Frederick Feedle Fillingsworth is a fugitive museum curator with a valuable stolen artifact. Teenaged nerd Paisley Nettleton is a prodigy of ancient languages and archeology, hovered over by his squabbling parents, Ned and Doris. The Captain — the hairest man of the Seven Seas — would do anything to win the affections of Bridget, the mysterious yeoman.

By the time night falls on the first day at sea, a tentacled monster will be summoned, a sword fight will be fought with plastic butter knives, and someone will take a one-way voyage to Davy Jones’s locker.  Aye so, but ’tis good to be a pirate!


C.J the D.J. Michael Palmer
Doris Nettleton Savannah Olshove
Gina Tara Stoll
Bridget Megan Moore
Walker D. Plank Tarken Davis
Hunky Guy
& understudy for
Halitosis Halvard the Pink
Joseph Bruce
Halitosis Halvard the Pink Ryan Moneymaker
Paisley Nettleton Alex Maneval
Frederick Feedle Fillingsworth Michael Vayvada
Ned Nettleton David Reznik
Captain Colt Fitzgerald
Crew/passenger Tony Matterson
Crew/passenger Mary Beth Poole
Crew/passenger Nicole Frazer
Crew/passenger Josh Dodson
Crew/passenger Alice Hertziener

Press Coverage

Augusta Free Press (2/10/12)