Tarzan Auditions




Waynesboro Players Warehouse, 722 W, Main St., Waynesboro, VA


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NOTICE:  Due to the extremely physical nature of the production, any actor auditioning for Tarzan, Terk, Kerchak, Kala, or the ape ensemble should be able-bodied, and able to withstand long periods of physical activity while maintaining their performance abilities. Please consider this carefully before auditioning!

Performers are asked to bring a prepared musical piece (16 – 32 bars showcasing your vocal range and emotive abilities; any genre; may use music from the show). You may perform a cappella, with the provided accompanist, or a CD player/auxiliary input will be available. Some performers may be asked to sing several bars from the score, but not everyone will have this opportunity.

In addition to the vocal portion, performers will be asked to participate in a cold read from the script. We will do our best to ensure performers are able to read for every character they are interested in, but due to time constraints, this may or may not be possible.


Tarzan  (20 – 35 y/o)
Vocal range:  (B2 – Bb4) Pop high tenor; should be able to mix & belt equally well. Tarzan is untainted by civilization, curious and observant of the world around him. Actor should convey emotion with facial expression and body language as well as spoken word and song, as Tarzan is a somewhat primitive man – at first. Long, lean, & very athletic; actor should be comfortable wearing nothing but undergarments (loincloth) for the duration of the performance (as well as some rehearsal periods).

Jane  (18 – 30 y/o)
Vocal range:  (Gb3 – F5) Pop soprano; should have strong, bright, & comfortable belt between C5 & F5. Jane is a proper, well-bred, British young lady, but a bit of a tomboy, too; an independent adventurer, scientist, and a bit of a motormouth. Actress should be comfortable using a proper British accent.

Terk  (20 – 35 y/o)
Vocal range:  (Eb3 – C5) Rock/pop/soul tenor; must be comfortable belting C5 and/or mixing with power. Terk is a young, adult ape; best friends with Tarzan. Actor must have comedic timing, as Terk is often the comic relief in many scenes.

Kerchak  (30 – 50 y/o)
Vocal range:  (Ab2 – G4) Baritone with big sound. Kerchak is the leader of the apes’ tribe, and should have strong authoritative presence, though he is not all brute. He does have a tender side, and must convey a range of subtle emotions, many times through facial expression and/or body language.

Kala  (30 – 50 y/o)
Vocal range:  (Eb3 – Eb5) Warm, pop mezzo; must be comfortable singing G3 in full voice, but may cheat lower notes, if necessary. Kala is a motherly ape, who raises Tarzan after the death of his parents. She is strong, complex character, with a depth of emotion equal to that of any human, or greater.

Porter  (30 – 50 y/o)
Vocal range:  (Bb2 – C4) Baritone, but solos may be spoken – if necessary. Porter is a British professor studying the social habits of apes; a single father to Jane. He is eccentric, enthusiastic, and somewhat of a mad scientist. Actor must be comfortable using a proper British accent, as well as skilled in comedic timing.

Clayton  (25 – 40 y/o)
Non-singing role;  A British expedition guide and the villain of the show. He is a greedy, self-centered, alpha male, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Preferably, actor should be comfortable using a proper British accent, but the character may be modified if necessary.

Young Tarzan  (8 – 12 y/o)
Vocal range: (C4 – Eb5) High tenor; solos written for unchanged male voice. Young Tarzan is an innocent human raised by apes; immensely curious and possesses keen ingenuity. He is desperate to belong. Actor should be able to convey complex emotions, sing, and move well; in addition, he should be comfortable wearing nothing but undergarments (loincloth) for the duration of the performance (as well as some rehearsal periods).

Young Terk  (10 – 15 y/o)
Vocal range:  (G3 – B4) High pop tenor; Young Terk is a sarcastic, adolescent ape. He is an outcast within his tribe due to his meager size and inability to keep up with his brothers and sisters physically. This exclusion leads him to strike up a close friendship with Young Tarzan – the other outcast of the tribe.

Snipes   (25 – 40 y/o)
Non-singing role.  Head of the expedition crew; Clayton’s second in command.



  • The apes: the tribe of gorillas who become Tarzan’s family. They are fun, energetic, and animated. Though they are ensemble roles, performers should be prepared for a physically and vocally demanding performance! The apes are onstage frequently and are an integral part of the show. Adults & children (8 & up) are welcome in these roles!
  • Tarzan’s mother & father: Tarzan’s parents open the show. Their appearance is brief – while still powerful and important – so these roles may be doubled with other characters/leads. Vocal ranges:  Mother (C4 – C5) &  Father (C3 – Eb4)
  • Leopard: enemy of the Apes. He/she is a villain, a killer, and very strong. He/she must dance very well, and be comfortable with stage combat. Non-speaking role.
  • Expedition crew: non-speaking, non-singing roles; adults only, male or female.
  • Insects/Plant dancers: the insects and plants that attack Jane in her first jungle expedition