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a play by Margaret Edson, directed by Emily Bump-Girard

Winner of numerous awards, including the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, "Wit" follows Vivian Bearing, Ph.D., a renowned scholar of the poetry of John Donne, as she lives out her final days in an unnamed hospital receiving experimental treatments for end-stage ovarian cancer. She reflects on her life's work, her life's choices and what it all boils down to in the end. Told with humor and intelligence, Vivian's story will leave you feeling, as the New York Times describes: "enlightened and, in a strange way, enormously comforted."

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Cast List

Vivian Bearing…Terry Southerington
Dr. Harvey Kelekain…Ken Rowland
Dr. Jessica Posner…Laura Pyle
Susie Monahan…Roz Collins
EM Ashford…Gail Arthur
Med Tech Roles…Austin Shifflett, Gary Wilson and Araya Fitzwater